Monday, January 31, 2011

Oops, Wrong Color!!! - Burda Marie Skirt Lining

I got a lining. I planned on doing a lining. But I guess this skirt didn't want to be lined!!! In the dark store when I got the lining and fabric I was so excited to have matching pieces. Now that I am home I can't tell if the subtle color on the fabric is red or pink. This basically comes down to me not wanting to use the lining I got to "coordinate" with what I thought was red in the skirt fabric. Bummer.


But I do have something in mind for it. Depending on how my skirt comes out I may suggest my daughter make one and use the lining for hers. So no lining for this skirt. I know, I know the lining doesn't show but if I am going to do it then I want it to match. That is probably just the beginner in me. We'll see how much I care in a few years.

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