Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally Hemmed the Jeans

These jeans, the ones I posted about here, finally got the hem they deserved.  It only took 3 or so years but who is counting anyway.  When you absolutely nothing to wear that will put a fire under you to get something made or altered just in a nick of time.  

I was in such a hurry I really don't have any photos of the process. Here is quick snapshot of me pinning.  

Original Hem Alteration

Exciting right. But it worked out perfectly.  Kind of.  After doing one leg it was still a little to long so I did the second leg an 1/8 of an inch more and voila, perfect.  Kind of.  If going out with to different length pants legs is your idea of perfect.  Yes, I ran out of time but here is the finished product for one of the legs. 

Original Hem Alteration

I don't think anyone noticed since it was such a slight deviation and if all someone can look at is the hem of my jeans then I should be worried.

It was quick lesson that I enjoyed getting back at the machine and doing.  I am looking forward to my next project.  Hopefully I will have sense enough not to wait until the last minute on whatever it is.

I used the the tutorial found here.

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