Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Window Woes

This window is on the front of my house in my office. Everyday the sun totally beams through this window to the point where it is blinding and I have to move. If only I could have some solar panels and put all that energy to good use. Anyway I need some type of curtain or shield to go in this window but the shape is throwing me off on how to achieve a nice barrier between me and the sun. Any thoughts?

Office Window


  1. Oh gosh! That is a fiendishly tricky window. It's hard to think of an elegant solution. I wonder about putting a collection of old glass bottles and other vintage glassware up there on the ledge to both catch the light decoratively and to obscure some of it.

  2. To preserve the sunlight without the glare, I recommend painting them with gesso (artist's medium, found at art stores). Add a little dishwashing liquid (like Dawn: to help make it easier to remove later) to the mix, add in a little water and paint on with a foam brush.

    You'll still have the light(and opacity, in my case) but no cornea-searing glare. When you'd like to remove it, simply rinse off. Best of all, it costs less than $5. I use this on my home windows, too, since I can't afford top down/bottom up blinds. In the PNW, we need all the light we can get!

  3. Karin-- what a great idea, the trick would be finding bottles nice enough. I never even thought of putting something "nice" there. I have on occasion popped a folder up there for a few hours so I could at least get my work done

    Darci- I'll have to check that out, it sounds like it may work, this window is on the front of my house so I have to see how it would look from the outside

    Thanks for the input I am going to look into both!!

  4. Wow - love that window - but having worked with my back to (and my monitor facing) a wonderfully large, bright window, I understand completely how it is when the sun takes over LOL. It was at the office, though, and they never did sort it out - I moved desks :-)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year !