Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Goal- 15 A Day

Life happens and often things get pushed to the side.  Working out, reading, spending time with family and friends, blogging, and of course sewing are all things I enjoy immensely but it seems as of late there hasn't been much time for any of them.  In order to get on the right track I have decided to commit myself to at least 15 minutes of sewing a day.  While I know 15 minutes isn't a lot of time, especially when it comes to sewing  I think it will be enough for me to make a little bit of progress on any project I am working on.  We shall see what happens and what I can produce.

Butterick B5216

My 15 minutes today was spent ironing a fabric for a shirt I am making for my daughter.  I got a 4 yard piece ($1/yard) so it took forever to iron.  I am thinking I should have just cut it but I didn't want to cut it unironed either.  Well at least it is ironed which took 12 min and laying this 4 yards of fabric on the floor to lay out my pattern took the last 3 I am sure.  I will probably get a chance to cut this later so with luck I may get more than 15 minutes in today :-)

Technically, 15 min of sewing a day will yield 450 minutes of sewing for the month.  That translates to 7.5 hours which I am sure most of you can sit down in one weekend and do.  The goal here is to get me working on something each day.  I may reach the 450 minutes but if I don't do at least 15 minutes a day I will not have met the goal.  Of course there are some days I already know I am going to be out of town so I am giving myself a pass on those days.

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  1. I am pretty much stuck with marathon sewing sessions myself. I have to sew in the Dining Room which means I need to clear out for family meals on the weekend. Just being able to dip in and out sounds nice though.