Friday, September 10, 2010

Next Up- McCalls 5819

I didn't get any actual sewing done yesterday because we had a planned power outage but I did go to Joann's to peruse the fabrics.  I walked away empty handed.  Actually I got 2 things but for some reason I can't remember what it was.  I had two coupons and used them both so it was probably needles or something.  That is how thrilled I am with that excursion.

Friday is a great for sewing.  I can see why the Friday Night Sew-Along exists.  Sometimes I feel lame telling people I was home sewing on Friday night.  I am doing something relaxing though and I owe myself some relaxation to unwind from a hectic week.  For the past 3 Fridays I have been sewing but am not ready to commit publicly that I will surely be sewing AND make decent progress.   Tonight I went to the local high school football game with the family.  (Great game, we were down 0-21 in the 3rd but came back to win it..woot, woot).  I did get the fabric washed and dried so tommorow I can work on it.

Anyhow I am in somewhat of a fabric and pattern jam because I don't have any fabric for the patterns I really, really want to sew. I happened to have some knit so I thought I would try making a comfy long sleeved shirt.  From the patterns I have on hand the McCalls 5819 fits the bill.  I'll be making View C which is the long sleeved shirt.  No designs, no multiple colors.  Solid and basic is the direction I am going.

McCalls 5819

I can see this being a nice lounge around at home or lazy weekend errand running shirt. I also have another idea but I just need to get through making it first to see if I want to move forward with that.  

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