Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Is Here And I Have No Clothes

Here we go again.  Another fall is upon us and as always a look in my closet is such a sad, sad occasion.  Since I am not a shopper I tend to find a few pieces I like and wear them for years.  I am to young to be like this (I think) so I will try and fix my wardrobe dilemma by making some new clothes.

First up will be a jacket. Then a shirt.  Then a vest.  Then another shirt.  Then a skirt.  Then a shirt.  Well at least I am hoping to get into some sort of groove where I can revamp my wardrobe while also becoming a better sewer.  I have a bunch of patterns to choose from.  There are a few Vogue's that I want to snag while on sale this week at Joanns and Simplicity will be $.99 next week.  After that I am done buying patterns.  Seriously.

I did pick up the Butterick 4865 a while ago so I will start that this weekend.  The fabric is a gray cordury. Depending on how well this goes I may get a heavier fabric and make a second one from this pattern as well. We'll see.

Butterick B4865

Are you sewing this weekend?  What do you have lined up?


  1. I know the feeling - nothing to wear but lots of ideas for projects to sew and a closet full of fabric just waiting for me to sew. I think I sew more in the winter than summer so now - September- is sort of a transitional time - well, that is how I justify it while I wonder why I am not sewing!

  2. I can really relate to your tag line! I don't have much either, and I am hoping to sew my way out of it too. I need a few long sleeved shirts and some sort of cardigan type thingee. Not to mention pants. My husband wants to repaint the dining room in time for Xmas, which is where I sew. Sigh.

  3. Taki J, hi! Thank you for the good wishes for Woodrow. I am more hopeful this morning.

    That Butterick pattern looks like a good start for fall sewing. It will go with so much, and gray is hot this season. Is it lined? I loved the McCalls top you made also.

  4. It isn't lined however I was thinking of trying to put a lining in. Will probably do this first one without, do some research and then do another view with a lining.