Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ASG Meeting- First Timer

Being new to sewing I thought it would be a good idea to connect with others in the sewing community.  I checked out my local American Sewing Guild meeting on Tuesday and I am so glad I did.  Even though I have a calendar and wrote it down for some reason I thought it was at 10:15 and not 10.  OOPS (not out of print but really oops)!

Walking into a room full of people and late at that is the worst.  Two of my phobias, crowds and being late, mixed into one.  All of the ladies were sitting around a long table and I found a chair right next to the wall.  They welcomed me to scoot right up to the table and introduce myself.

There were lots of updates about what was going on with ASG and then came the fun part.  They had what I would equate to a Show and Tell.  Purses, quilts, dresses, baby clothes.  I was amazed by the level of talent surrounding me.  Everything was so wonderful.  They also showed a lot of items they made for charity.  The things they were donating were just as great.  Hopefully the recipients will be grateful for the time and effort put into them.  Pretty pillowcases, aprons, clothes.  

After the meeting several members came up and spoke to me.  It was great that they were so welcoming because I was very nervous.  They all went out to lunch afterwards and then to a local quilting shop.  One member so kindly told me next time just take the whole day off!!

It felt like an honor to be in the prescence of such talent.  No pictures, I forgot my camera and I thought it would be really awkward to start snapping photos of people I really didn't know anyway!!  Needless to say it was a great experience and I am looking forward to going back next month.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I want to join the ASG in my area, hopefully soon.