Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Purchases

Even though I haven't been sewing much (new job) that doesn't stop me from buying sewing items. Why should it? After perusing the New Look catalog at Joann's I decide to pick up a few patterns and some notions that I needed.

New Look 6648 (chill mode)

New Look Patterns

I love this style of shirt. Once I find something I like I am likely to have LOTS of them. I can think of 3 RTW shirts in my closet that are like this. Two of them are the same but just different colors. I have a few knits in my arsenal to make this.

New Look 6915 (work mode)

New Look Patterns

And another I like what I like shirt. I have some RTW shirts very similar so I wanted to see if I could just make a few more that I like. My work wardrobe is lacking and with spring knocking on the door hopefully I can whip up something wearable for work.

Somebody, please kick me back into sewing gear!!! This weekend I was going to sew but I just needed a weekend of nothing. I was able to recharge my batteries some and hopefully can get back at the sewing machine soon.

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