Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Think I Cut the Wrong Size- McCalls 5522

VENT..VENT...VENT and RANT. I am in the process of cutting an 8 for McCalls 5522. I looked at the envelope sizes and measurements on the pattern pieces at least 10 times and now I look again today and am cutting out an 8 instead of what I probably need, a 10. GRRRRRRRR!! Thank goodness I was only aiming for a wearable muslin and thank goodness I have 2 daughters so it may fit one of them it turns out anywhere near decent.

I don't even want to go back in the sewing room. Everything I have made thus far is a wadder. I am going to the library and getting a book to make pillowcases. I am serious. February may just be pillowcase month for me. I am totally that frustrated with sewing right now. I know it takes time and consistency but I may just need to take 20 steps back and start all over as if I never even tried. Back to square 1 for me. Thanks for letting me vent if you read this far!!

I'm off to knit until I can get my mind right.

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  1. I think it is definitely OK to take a break when you are burned out or fed-up. It's a hobby for fun after all!