Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Steps

Wow, has it really been 2 months since I last posted. Geez...this blog as well as everything else has taken a back burner to my new job. It is a 9-5 but new jobs always take some adjustment. Me, I have crashed just about every day once I get home from work. I am determined to get moving again though. So here I am.

Don't expect anything major though. As the post title implies I am taking baby steps. Only one or two small crafting goals per week. It may be something as simple as picking my next pattern or it may be to do a couple of steps to finish a UFO. I refuse to set myself up for disappointment. Just coming back to blog is really major progress for me.

So my sewing/knitting/crafting goals for this week: Finish the seam and belt on my shirt.

I did finish the majority of the New Look 6915 shirt I was making but somehow never got back to finish the bottom seam. I am going to make a belt to go with it too, I think. I am not 100% sure on that but I will decide and do it or not.

I really don't like posts without pictures so here is a random pic of a nest my daughter found while we were outside gardening.

Birds Nest

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  1. Taki J, This is also how I manage when I'm overwhelmed...and I am retired! You are very wise to go slooooooowwww. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.