Thursday, November 18, 2010

Planning to Sew Something

Clutch the pearls...this is a sewing post.  You probably thought you would never see one from me again now that I have picked up some knitting needles.  Lots of knitting needles with nowhere to store or transport them properly which leads to this.  A knitting needle organizer!!

This is just the planning phase.  I have looked at a ji-zillion (I am pretty sure that is an actual number) online but have been stuck in the mud on moving forward to make the darn thing.  They all seemed okay but just not perfect, probably just my excuse for going downstairs to knit instead of sew.  I did put my foot down and decide on the one I will make.  It will be a revised version of this.

What fabric to use is the first question that needs answering. I think I should have picked up a solid color during the 50% off clearance items at Joanns.  Solids are no fun but now I am thinking a solid will be necessary.  My eyes are hurting.  Seriously.  This beast needs to be tamed!!!  Take not in some of the pictures further down, you can barely see the needles on some of the fabrics.  It will be one of these two color schemes though.

KnittingNeedleRoll 014KnittingNeedleRoll 012

Before I dive right in I also want to make sure the depth of the pockets was agreeable to the needles I use.  After measuring and comparing the pattern dimensions I think I am going to change the depth of some of the pockets to suit my needles better. 

Knitting Needle Roll
KnittingNeedleRoll 009
I think I have decided to keep my circular needles in a completely separate pouch which means I may try to transform the front few pockets into some small zippered or flapped pockets.  They would hold cable needles, counters, and other small items.  Hopefully someone will just buy me the interchangable circulars and then that will be that.

The next step is to finalize dimensions and add in seam allowance.  I'll also get some solid fabric for both color schemes to have on hand for this project and future use.

One step closer to sewing something.

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