Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish...

....fifty some fish?  What?  Oh how did I get myself into that.  Of course, just trying to help LaniJ with homecoming festivities.  The theme for all of the classes was Under the Sea and more specifically her class was The Yellow Submarine.  Each class got to decorate their hallways and were judged.  The winner getting, I have no idea what, bragging rights  I assume.

Homecoming Fish

LaniJ made fish and a whole lot more.  She traced a template and we cut, sewed and stuffed these things for what seemed like eternity.  It wasn't hard, just tedious. We went the economical route by using old donated t-shirts and shredded paper.  I like the ones with patterns but unfortunately most of the t-shirts we got were solid colors.

Homecoming Fish

Hopefully LaniJ will come by and post what the hallway looked like when it was done being decorated but here is one picture of the very early stages of decorating.

Homecoming Fish

Wow, I JUST noticed the fish hanging up. I guess this was the first time closely at the picture. When I walked through the hallway I just took one quick flick because I was hunting down LaniJ so we could go home. There they are hanging from the ceiling by dental floss and paperclips.  

Maybe if I beg LaniJ she will come back and discuss her homecoming t-shirt refashion. 

By the way, Happy November...are we really winding down 2010?  Sigh.

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