Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simplicity 2414 E- Not 1 Hour for This Newbie

I started this 1 hour mini skirt for my youngest daughter last Friday (7/9). Who knew it wouldn't be until a week later that I finished it.

Simplicity 2414E

All was going well until I got to the buttonhole disaster which I have already shared with you. Since I could not rest until the buttonhole situation got figured out my 1 hour skirt sat and sat. I honestly hoped to sit down and finish this the same day. Once I took the machine to the shop and they experienced the same thing I didn't feel so bad. Some internal tweaking to the machine and all was good. There was one step where the directions weren't 100% clear but I did what I thought they meant. It all worked out in the end and my daughter now has a new mini skirt.

Simplicity 2414E

I do have to still cut the twill tape, but other than that it is finished. Next time I think I can whip this up in 1 hour. I am getting a little more comfortable with sewing and this project is definitely great for a beginner.

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