Saturday, July 3, 2010

Invisible Zipper In But Taking Dress Apart Anyway

I am way behind in posting but just a little update. The invisible zipper has been sewn in. For the most part. I didn't mess around trying to affix it to my garmet with anything other than the invisible zipper foot. All went well. It did take me a moment to conceptualize the matching the left side of the zipper to the right side of the garmet but once I actually went through the motions I had my light bulb moment and I was off to the races. The first side went on with no problem. What is all the fuss about invisible zippers?

Then the second side just would not align properly with the zipper foot. At least that is what I initially thought. "What, this is what I bought this for!!" and lots of other things were running through my mind. Hmmmm...the bobbin thread is getting all funky. What gives? Ah, ha. My thread had broken and at some point & slipped out of the thread take-up lever. Once fixed it was smooth sailing.

I have decided to take the zipper out and remove the bodice from the skirt to fix the bodice gathering. After doing the gathering on the bottom piece I can't live with the horrendous gathering I did on the bodice. Wow, this dress is really going to take a while.

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