Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Done- Almost Though

So those to dresses I was supposed to be making this weekend, well, um, yeah, and what had happened was. No excuses. I got a good bit of one dress done and was going to finish on Sunday. Instead I went to the Viking dealer purchased an Invisible Zipper Foot. She gave me something else to, I have no idea what it is for though. Anyone know? It looks like a tongue depressor.
Invisible Zipper Foot

Since I was in the area I stopped by my friends house. His mom had made dinner and they invited me to stay so I did. Yummy!! Then we went for a long walk around a lake near his house.
This is one of my best friends who I can tell anything and even though we don't talk a lot when we do, we talk for a long time. He offers such great insight on all situations going on and I am truely blessed to have him as a friend.

By the time I got home HBO was calling me so that was that. One dress almost done. Maybe I set my goals to high but I am not in the least disappointed. I got pretty far into the one dress and spent some great quality time with my friend.

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