Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 1: Buying the Machine

Day 1: Technically this should be day 60, or about two months into our interest in sewing, but we will start from the very special day when we purchased our machine. We have been discussing getting a sewing machine since Mid-April, and have been looking for our perfect match since May, and have had some difficulties. First of all, we didn't exactly know what was necessary to have in a sewing machine for beginners, and if a feature was any much better than its alternative. For instance, we talked to several people about bobbins, whether to get the front loading or drop-in bobbin, finally we just figured we will learn our machine when questioning the little things. And how many stitches does a beginner need? Anyway we had decided to get a Brother from Walmart a couple days after Mothers' Day when they had told us they were sold out and will be receiving some new ones later that week. We go into the store to find out they are no longer carrying that model. So it was back to the drawing board for the two of us. We talked, well more so my mom talked, to different people about sewing machines. We once again found two sewing machine that I could try, one a Viking an the other a...who knows. But I tried the Husqvrna Viking and really liked it, so we bought it. I was happier than ever. carried it out of the store and placed it in the car and did what a soccer player might call their victory dance, except mine, according to my mom, was leprechaun-ish. Well anyway we have a sewing machine and placed it in our former dining room, that is now currently and always will be the sewing room. Now I am anxious to start a project.

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