Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 6: Practing Today. Full price, NO WAY!

Day 6: As we learn our machine we have begun looking for projects to start over the summer. Today, I successfully threaded our machine without using ANY instruction. We were previously working on strait lines, but today we decided to work on curves and squiggly lines. Very interesting task, as my mom, put the line facing the wrong direction. My lines weren't all so great either, but it's a working progress that we will eventually master.

We also "dragged" my sister into Joann Crafts & Fabrics to pick-up some sewing staples while we had three coupons for 50% off any regular priced items. When we arrived, all of the cutting supplies were already 50% off, so we could use our coupon elsewhere. We had told my sister we wouldn't be in the store for long, once we found out some things were 50% off and a fabric my mom had been eying was 60% off, sorry sister, we are going to look at these things. After being in the store 16 minutes after it closed getting fabrics cut, my sister was definitely ready to go. On this trip to the fabric store we didn't pay anything full price., not the one item. We didn't even use all of our coupons that are valid all week. We ended up purchasing a 24x36 self-healing cutting mat, two rotary cutters, a ton of fabric, a couple simplicity patterns for $1.99, and some other stuff.

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  1. Oh, you picked a great time to shop there. The cutting mat is such a time saver. Just be really careful with the rotary cutters. I saw someone slice into her finger by mistake once - immediate ER visit.
    Also, for resources, you might want to check out the patternreview site - - it's great to see what others are sewing and see what people's experiences with the patterns you have are. BTW, I'm ABOP in the nail world =)