Monday, August 16, 2010

My Final Finish - 2nd project

Oops...I meant to publish this like two months ago oops:

     About finishing the dress by four o'clock, it didn't happen. First of all, the power went out so I couldn't use the machine. When I thought I was done I had to go back and take the seams in. It wasn't as simple as just taking in seams . I had to completely redo the whole bodice. Then, I finally sewed in my zipper. Not the end yet. The seam lines don't match up. OMG! I had to redo the zipper. I am extremely happy about the outcome, if I did this pattern again there would be some technique differences. I would press hems into place the first time. Make sure my darts are perfect because on my dress they don't line up at all. I am pleased with the results and am proud I made it through my first project. When I was closer approaching the end I just wanted to be done. It could have had to do with it being midnight, but I was ready to be done. When you think you're done you find another problem. The first time I sewed the skirt to the bodice the darts were off just by a little, so i figured i could fix it. Nope, made it worse, and couldn't get it close to what it was before. I have learned to read the directions. When they say baste then stitch, baste then stitch. When reading a set of directions for the first time it seems pointless to baste something then immediately sew on top of it. I have learned that basting, especially on curves and hems, helps keep the fabric in place so it will be easier to sew a uniform hem.

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