Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fabric Hoarder Restraint

I see how easily one can become a fabric hoarder.  At least a few times a week I go online, find some fabric deals, put them in the online shopping cart and then move on and never buy it.  Since I am in the early stages of learning to sew I am still learning about different types of fabric.  I have yet to go to a "real" fabric store and quite honestly it scares me a little.  On one hand it will help me learn more about some of my fabric options but on the otherI know they will have rows and rows of beautiful and irresistable fabric.  Fabric that I will feel like I am not good enough to use yet.  Fabric that I will buy anyway because it is a great deal and some day I WILL be good enough.  Thus far my restraint has been pretty good.  More window shopping than anything else.  


Now I just have to find the perfect pattern for each piece.  That leads to a whole other issue of being a pattern hoarder.  But with $1 sales how can anyone resist.  LaniJ and I had fun picking out patterns during the Simplicity sale.

Oh the woes of sewing!!

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