Monday, October 11, 2010

I Can Knit...

I know this is a sewing blog but I feel like sharing that I learned how to knit.  Over the summer the lady at the local knitting shop said she would teach us.  Last week I gave myself a little free time and took her up on it.

Knitting- Project 1

She did the cast on part so I still haven't learned how to do that yet but then she showed me how to put those needles to work.  Talk about confusing at first.  I watched her as she chanted a little knitting song and it looked pretty easy.  That is until the needles got into my hands.  I did a few stitches(?) and she guided me through it.  I was so proud of myself for learning something new.  Not so proud when I totally messed up and was purling and not knitting and then had to undo some.  Is that called unknitting or unpurling?

A scarf is in the works and you can tell it is the scarf of someone who just learned how to knit. There are some uneven areas but honestly my goal wasn't to make a perfect scarf it was to make my first scarf.  I'll figure out how to get more consistent with practice no doubt.  I held it up to the sun so you can see my moments of "learning".

Knitting- Project 1Knitting- Project 1

Knitting- Project 1

What was really great about this experience was that when I got there another lady and her were learning how to do another stitch.  I sat there for 2 hours and we knitted and unknitted.  Me doing the most basic stitch and them doing something far more advanced.  It just goes to show you that you are never to old to learn something new.

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  1. I really like the color of your yarn-it will make a pretty scarf. Aren't you proud of yourself?